What to Do - Part 3 - Episode 210

October 15, 2018

Will there be a bright new day ahead or are we entering into an even deeper, darker night? Developing a thorough knowledge of The Great Apostasy is host Steve Wood's primary advice on how we can deal with the current crisis in the Catholic Church today.  Listen, learn and open your Bibles to 2 Thessalonians 2.


What to Do - Part 2 - Episode 209

October 6, 2018

What can laypeople do during this time of crisis in the Church? Steve digs even deeper into his primary recommendation he discussed in last week's broadcast.


What to Do - Part 1 - Episode 208

September 29, 2018

This new mini-series was prompted by a question from a listener who is outraged by the scandal in the Church.


The Mammoth Manhood Crisis in the Catholic Church - Episode 207

September 23, 2018

Warning: Politically Incorrect Broadcast

At this crucial time of crisis and scandal in the Church, host Steve Wood says certain things that need to be said no matter what. Those who can’t handle the truth shouldn’t listen to this show.


The Family Under Attack - Live Conference - Part 2 - Episode 206B (CRITICAL REAIR Ep. 118)

September 15, 2018

Attendees of this Catholic Spiritual Warfare Conference came running to our book table and cleaned out the resources host Steve Wood mentioned in Part II of this live conference. You are going to want them too.  


The Family Under Attack - Live Conference - Part 1 - Episode 206A (CRITICAL REAIR Ep. 117)

September 8, 2018

We all know our Church, our faith, our families and our culture are under attack. In this riveting Spiritual Conference, Steve explains how we as Catholics need to understand the roots of where Satan's attacks originates.


IMPORTANT BROADCAST - PART II - What Parents Can Do in Times of Apostasy - Episode 206

August 31, 2018

Clueless. Host Steve Wood uses this one word to describe the people in the times of Noah. And he's afraid this can be said for many today. Let's wake up and educate ourselves and our children for living in these very dark times. 


IMPORTANT BROADCAST - PART I - What Time Is It? - Episode 205

August 26, 2018

The crisis we are facing in the Church and in the world was:

  • predicted by Cardinal Newman
  • prophesied by St. John Paul II
  • foreseen by Pope Leo XIII
  • envisaged by Anne Catherine Emmerich

And it's far more serious than what many imagine.

If you would like the Handout discussed in this show, email askthehost@gmail.com.


BRAND NEW SERIES! Worldview 101 - Conclusion - Part 9 - Episode 204

August 19, 2018

As promised, host Steve Wood wraps up this series by providing parents with Resources & Strategies for teaching their children a Christian Worldview.

If you would like the list of the 7 questions answered, & the PDF copy of the Resources highlighted in today's show, email askthehost@gmail.com.


BRAND NEW SERIES! Worldview 101 - Part 8 - Episode 203

August 12, 2018

What's really happening in our world? Host Steve Wood answers Question #7 today.

If you would like the list of all 7 questions, email askthehost@gmail.com.